TCTV is all about parenting in the digital age and is a free online video based site that simply addresses the real issues that are on everyone’s lips. Experts, parents and children are around the table to talk about anything and everything concerning the digital age.

It’s the Big Conversation that is making a difference to real people.

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Dr Jacqueline Harding-Vallance

Tomorrowschildtv project lead

Dr Jacqueline Harding-Vallance is a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University and founder of Tomorrow’s Child and TCTV. Following a successful career as BBC Education Editor, government consultant, founder of, head teacher and author of best-selling books for children and adults, she became internationally known as a leading child development expert across Europe.


Debi Massey

TCTV presenter for the Live Shows

Debi Massey is a psychotherapeutic counsellor who focuses on therapy for children and young people. She works with young people who have been groomed online, experienced bullying on social media and those who are over using video games. She is passionate about finding ways to help young people and their families safely navigate the digital environment. Debi is also an award winning radio presenter with twenty years of broadcast experience across the African subcontinent, commercial radio and BBC.


Dr Victoria de Rijke

Tomorrowschildtv board member

Dr. Victoria de Rijke is Associate Professor and Research Director of CERS Centre for Education Research & Scholarship in the Department of Education at Middlesex University, London. She has over twenty years experience working with Primary school teachers and children, including active engagement with artist residencies, consultancies and research projects in the creative arts, producing teaching and learning resources online. Victoria also writes and presents on the visual or performing arts and children’s literature, and is Co-Chief Editor of the international research journal Children’s Literature in Education.


Dr Mona Sakr

Tomorrowschildtv board member

Dr Mona Sakr is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Early Childhood with a special interest in children's art-making, play and pedagogy. She joined Middlesex in 2014 from the Institute of Education, where she was a Research Officer on a project looking at embodiment in digital learning environments. She earned her PhD in Education and Psychology from Oxford Brookes University, with a thesis which focused on children's digital art-making practices and the integration of digital art-making into the early years classroom.



Tomorrowschildtv Voice of Youth

Efe represents the views of young people on film and is very knowledgeable about what is really going on for children and young people in the digital age.


Middlesex University

TCTV was filmed at Middlesex University by media and film students under the supervision of Dale Wightman and Dr Eddie McCaffrey

Who is on film?
NSPCC, Childnet, The Children’s Commissioner’s Office, Gransnet, Beano, Tony Collingwood…and many more, plus top academics from across Middlesex University, together with parents, children and youth!



Chair of the Advisory Group for Tomorrowschildtv

Richard is Deputy Dean Health and Social Sciences. His personal research interests include the role of Knowledge Exchange in Higher Education and enhancing the engagement of academics in Knowledge Transfer.